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Audio: Three habits for everyday evangelism

In his last college ministry conference workshop, Paul Worcester shared how a commitment to faithfulness can affect your everyday life.

This week, Paul shares about the urgency of evangelism as well as unpacking three practical habits that you can use to develop a lifestyle of relational evangelism.

These three habits have proven effective for helping believers develop a missional lifestyle in a variety of contexts.

For maximum impact, assign your students to listen to this message and then go through the Three Habits for Everyday Evangelism tool together.

Reflection Questions

What stood out to you from this audio message?

What is one specific thing that you can to do to apply this message to your life?

  • Tyler McMahan

    Good stuff PW! Love the “Nike Gospel” “Just Do It”.
    Only thing I’d change is your quote from our boy St. Francis. He never said that quote as far as my research has found. I think it’s just an American Christianity thing.

    • Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for sharing the correction.

  • Josh

    Hi Paul, Great workshop! Is there a powerpoint available to go along with this audio?