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Audio: Eternal Perspective

September 11, 2017

In this sermon, Paul Worcester takes a look at how living with an eternal perspective can change your life.

Developing an eternal perspective is one of the most important training objectives for a growing believer.

It helps motivate disciples to share Christ, make disciples, as well as endure hardships that come from laboring for the gospel.

You can use this message in your discipleship relationships by assigning students to listen to it and then discussing the reflection questions together the following week.

You can then follow up this message by encouraging students to be intentional with their time with this Time Management tool and to make evangelism an everyday part of life with the Three Habits for Everyday Evangelism tool.

Reflection questions

What stood out to you from this message?

Why is it so important that we develop an eternal perspective? How can you grow your eternal

How might God be calling you to invest your time, talent or treasure in eternity?