Featuring: Ben Nugent | May 18, 2022

Episode 39 | Deep Discipleship for Exponential Impact with Ben Nugent

In episode 39 of the podcast Shad & Paul interview Ben Nugent, National Director for the Navigators. During their time together they cover Ben’s experience with discipleship across different campus cultures and how to have a disciple reaching movement on your campus.

“Once Jesus said ‘all authority on heaven and earth has been given to me- therefore…’, he could have said anything he wanted, but he told us to go make disciples.” – Ben Nugent


EDGE Campus Internship

The Navigator by Robert D. Foster

Dawson Trotman: in his own words by Navpress

Daws by Betty Skinner

Living Legacy by Jim Downing

Lengthened Cords by Ethel Wallis

Born to Reproduce CMT Summer Session

Topical Memory System 

EDM Conferences