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31 Days – Time With God Plan

This bible study, produced by Campus Outreach, is an awesome way to get new believers or ones who grew up in the church but never developed good spiritual disciplines to start reading the Bible on a daily basis. Going from barely reading it at all, to every single day, can be very overwhelming. Some take the “ramp up” method to helping their disciples get up to a daily time in the Word. Typically these plans start at once a week and move up from there. But Campus Outreach has proposed a different method. You can challenge your students to take the 31-day challenge.

The Time With God Plan

This booklet has everything your disciples need to accept the challenge to spend just 10 minutes in the Word for 31 days straight. When asking students to take on a challenge such as this, it is best to take away all of the guess-work and make everything as simple and planned out as possible. This study provides a Scripture passage for each of the 31 days and step-by-step instructions for how your disciples should interact with the day’s verse. They may find the related passages on the right-hand side helpful to them as they pray, or for increasing their insight.

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A great aspect of this plan is that the selected passages are a mix of both Old Testament and New Testament passages. That means if your disciples are new to spending time individually in the Word, they will have a chance to experience first hand the edifying aspects of both Testaments of the Bible.

Using this in your Discipleship

The booklet itself is pretty self explanatory, but if you would like some help explaining the importance of spending daily time in the Word, you can reference the alternative version of this challenge called Taste and See on Campus Outreach’s website. It has far more explanation of the value of daily time spent in the Word than this version.

The ultimate goal of this plan is for your disciples to form a habit that sticks with them long term, without having to ask them to initially commit to anything longer than a month. The hope is that after making time for the Word every day for a month, they will continue the habit more naturally.

Since the goal is not just to have your disciples study the Word for a month, but to continue the habit longer, it would be helpful for your students to follow up the challenge with a new study plan. Since everything is so well planned out for them in this study, having a new study to jump straight into can help keep the habit going.

Campus Outreach has many other Bible Study materials, free and ready for you to download and provide to your disciples to keep their habit going. Most of the materials are best suited for new believers working to establish a firm foundation in the Word.