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Becoming a World Christian

For some reason the population growth of our world over the last 50+ years is on an explosive trajectory like never before in history. Why? What is God up to? If you ever had the desire to impact lots of people for Christ, you were born at just the right time! One definition of wisdom is “looking at life and the world from God’s perspective.” How do we do that? How can get out of our limited understanding and small thinking to really understand what is on the mind and heart of God? In this lesson you will seek to become a “World Christian” by studying key passages in God’s word, looking at God’s world and the current status of world evangelization, and finally discovering what aspect of God’s work He wants you to embrace. Finding your most strategic role in fulfilling the Great Commission not only allows you to invest your life in something that lasts forever, it gives you a great reason to wake up each morning!

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