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CoJourners Transferable Concept

by Keith Davy

Published by Cru Press

We’re all on a spiritual journey. Whether we believe in God or not, we are all on a path either moving towards Him or away from Him. The key to helping your students be effective at relational evangelism is helping them to realize this key concept.

Maybe they have a roommate that needs to wrestle through spiritual barriers, a classmate that is new to their faith and has no idea what to do about it, or a friend that is definitely spiritually interested but they want to move slow. For each of these people in your student’s life they will need to play a different role to join them in their spiritual journeys. The CoJourner Transferable Concept can help your student learn all the different roles they can take in the lives of the people around them.

What it is

The CoJourner Transferable Concept is a 16-page, full-color, article that explains and teaches the CoJourner approach to evangelism. CoJourners is not an evangelism strategy. It is an equipping paradigm, which provides a way of thinking about and teaching conversational evangelism. This equipping paradigm consists of learning the four roles we play in relating to others in their spiritual journeys:

The Explorer: engages in significant conversations to discover and understand the spiritual journeys of others. Being an explorer involves active listening and asking questions.

The Guide: shows the way to faith in Christ. Being a guide involves sharing your life-story and articulating the gospel in conversationally appropriate ways.

The Builder: builds bridges over and beyond the issues and obstacles that hinder others in their journey to Christ. Being a bridge building involves prayer and gentle persuasion.

The Mentor: encourages others to follow Christ. Being a mentor involves helping others make relational connections to other believers and imparting foundational concepts for Christian living.

How to use it

On its own, it makes great material to introduce the evangelistic paradigm a one-on-one discipleship relationship. However, this material is most effective when used in conjunction with the CoJourners Devotional (a 28 day Bible study on CoJourner evangelism) and/or the CoJourners Equipment pack (a supplemental small group training resource). Combining the Transferable Concept with either or both of these additional resources can be incredibly helpful in getting your student(s) to really have an evangelistic lifestyle.