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Finding God through Google

If you’ve ever heard the saying “There is no new sin under the sun,” you know that it means that there is no sin that hasn’t already been committed. I’d like to add a new saying…”There is no new google search under the sun.” It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like the original but I swear it’s almost just as true. It seems like I can’t google any random thought such as, why doesn’t anyone have the last name Hitler anymore, and not have google auto-finish my question for me.

These days we all seem to gravitate towards google to answer our life’s questions. Because of this, thought it prudent to make sure that when people did ask the questions that matter, such as ‘Does God Exist’, the truth would be found.

What is it and why we like it is a website that provides a safe place on the internet for students to answer their questions about God. If there isn’t already an article or video that answers their questions, they can send in their questions or comments via online chat, email, or Facebook and get answers back by real staff from Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ).

Millions of people from all over the wold have taken advantage of this website, and it has even been translated into 37 different languages. So just because you may not be from an American or English speaking ministry, it does not mean that your ministry can’t benefit from

How to use it

Direct Your Campus to the Site: If you’re a campus minister or a student leader then you’re probably no stranger to the process of promoting yourself on campus. Your hope is that each student would at least be given the choice to engage in a Christian community through your organization, but sometimes students just aren’t there yet. Sometimes they first want some time to explore God on their own. But if on every plastic cup, T-shirt, pen, or poster that you spread across campus has not just your organization’s website but the website as well, then you could increase the chance of more students getting to explore a relationship with God.

Use the Resources in Your Ministry: This site is full or articles that could be used in discipleship meetings or group studies, and videos that could be used at weekly meetings. While the campaign strategy works really only in a campus setting, utilizing the resources is something that any college aged ministry could do. Article categories include:

  • God’s Existence
  • Life’s Questions
  • Sex & Relationships
  • Knowing God


Use its Affiliation with to Enable Long Distance Coaching: is in affiliation with’s efforts to help new disciples of Christ find guidance in building their spiritual foundation. Therefore, someone could potentially find Christ through and continue to learn about him through