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Fireseeds of Spiritual Awakening

by Don Hayes

Fireseeds is about revival, history, vision, students and what God’s word has to stay about how and why He brings times of explosive growth to the church. Could He do it again in our generation? This is the question explored throughout the book.

Reaching the world without reaching the campus is like trying to make chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips. Not a recommended procedure. The college students of the world have the time, energy, and passion to lead the next great missions movement to complete the Great Commission in our generation. They are central to any hope of completing the task God has given us to “make disciples of the nations” (Matthew 28:19-20).

For the Great Commission to be fulfilled in our generation (or any generation) there must be radical prayer, radical trust and obedience, radical surrender, radical urgency, and radical evangelism.  Fireseeds will cultivate these things in your heart and captivate students for the cause of Christ both on campus and around the world.