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Goal Setting and Time Management

The great disciplemaker and author, LeRoy Eims, was once asked what the key to the Christian life was. He immediately replied, “Live for Christ today! And today will turn into tomorrow, and that will turn into a week, into a month, into a year, and you will look back 20 years later to realize you have truly lived for Christ…a day at a time.”
God has created us for a purpose. He has also given us a limited amount of time on this earth to fulfill that purpose. We want to be good stewards of this precious gift of life and time. We all live according to a schedule. The difference between people is that some plan their schedule, and others don’t plan their schedule. If you don’t plan your time, someone else will. God has charged you to make the most of your time. However, to use your time wisely, you must first know what is important to you (priorities) and the way to live your life according to your priorities (objectives and goals).

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