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The Great Commission Challenge

Jesus did not come to earth to take sides, He came to take over. He is Lord and Master and gives us the incredible opportunity to know and follow Him with our whole heart. He ascended into heaven and left His Holy Spirit to indwell us in order to be His representatives here on earth—His ambassadors. To be the voice and eyes and hands of Jesus to a lost and dying world is the greatest privilege we have. He gave us a simple plan in the Scriptures to spread His name and His fame to the ends of the earth. We are to first become a sold-out follower of His. He calls that being a “disciple.” Then we have the essential ingredients to start leading others to Christ and helping them become disciples who can repeat the process themselves. Many Christians have not taken this Great Commission Challenge seriously, but the ones who do, have great impact upon the world, leave behind an eternal legacy in this life, and most of all, are very pleasing to the Lord.

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