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Life Concepts

Starting a new life with the Lord is amazing…ly overwhelming. All of a sudden you are connected to the creator of the universe, your whole life is supposed to be about Him, and you have no idea what you’re doing. It is the most critical time for building the foundation of faith and unfortunately many new believers are left to fend for themselves.

Life Concepts

The solution

The Life Concept studies provide a young believer with a strong foundation in essential biblical truths. The student starts by gaining the assurance of salvation that they need to feel confident in their faith, proceed to learn the values of confession, growth, fellowship, and finish by learning how to live their life depending on the Holy Spirit.

All five studies are produced at a high quality and are free to download and print. And each study provides both a student’s worksheet and as well as a leader’s guide. The format of the student’s worksheet consistently includes 3 elements:

Comparing our Stories: The leader and student(s) have a chance to share where they are in relation to the topic at hand. If it’s a study on being empowered by the Holy Spirit the discussion includes the ability and inability to live out the Christian life.

Considering our Struggles: The section takes the discussion a bit deeper by helping the group think through the heart of their frustrations and struggles and of course gain the proper Biblical perspective.

Exploring the Solution: Going deeper in the Word the group not only gets to understand their struggle from a Biblical perspective, but they are able to find the Biblical solution as well. They learn how to lean on the Holy Spirit, find assurance in God’s word, and find connection with other believers.

How to use the study

This material is ideal for both the small group format and the one-on-one discipleship format. The leader should allow for at least 20 minutes to go over the material ahead of time so they can familiarize themselves with the material and have their personal stories (shared in discussion times) planned. That way most of the focus can be placed on leading good discussion in the group (or with the disciple) as well as making sure that the concepts are being understood.

Although most of the field testing for this material was conducted in the context of para-church ministries, the material is entirely appropriate for any college-aged new believers.

Tip: Be sure to print out the worksheet for your student(s) and encourage them to actually write notes. Since this material is meant to help them build a solid foundation for their faith, it can be helpful for them to be able to take home material that they can review at a later time.