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Perspective Cards

A Conversational Way to Listen, Learn, Share

Perspective Spiritual Conversation Cards are a fun way to engage with others and hear their spiritual journey as you ask the most significant questions of life. It allows for people to explore what they believe about God, existence, man, Jesus, truth and why.  In a very short amount of time you can provide someone with the big questions of our existence (which everyone should wrestle with but almost universally do not), discern where they are in their spritiual journey, help them take the next step and even invite the one true God to work in this person’s life. That is 30 minutes that could change a person’s trajectory for the rest of their lives!

What you Get

  • A brief  “how to” set of instructions to give you tracks to run on, 5 categories of cards that deal with 5 big questions, 6 cards that share the Christian perspective on these questions (if opportunity exists), and even an opportunity to respond for them and a way you pray for them if God opens the door.
  • The instructions that walk you through how to use Perspective cards.  You get the key question for each set of cards and suggested follow up questions to help clarify what they really mean by their answer.
  • The 5 Categories deal with the nature of God, the nature of man, the meaning of our existence, the person of Jesus, and the source of truth.
  • The Christian perspective is a basic gospel presentation contextualized for these 5 categories. It fits well and shares how a follower of Jesus would answer these same questions. This is optional depending on if the person is willing to hear your perspective.
  • The response and prayer are appropriate if you desire for them to take the next step (whatever that may be).  There are suggestions here too.

How to use them

  • Use this out on campus by sending individuals or teams of two out to engage others. You can pair up a more experinced person with some new to sharing their faith. You could even record the responses and track them as a ministry. If you talked to enough students maybe the school paper would even publish your findings.
  • Uses them with friends and family after praying and caring for them (pray, care, share). Sometimes friends and family are the hardest to share with. This can definitely take some of the pressure off (in addition to loving them more than we think about ourselves:).
  • Use this in an extended conversation. Take someone out for lunch and say, “I would really like to hear what you believe about the big questions of life.” Pay for them (not a typo). You don’t even have to get through the whole thing. Maybe you just ask them what they believe at first meeting (#1), ask them what they meant by________ (#2), point out issues/inconsistencies (#3), share the gospel (#4) because they have realized the bankruptcy of their belief system and are hungry for answers to these questions.

Watch this video of how one campus used Perspective Cards.


This is a fantastic conversation starter about the most significant topics human beings can consider and discuss.  Listen more than talk. Care for them more than trying to convert them. Be bold in sharing the truth that only in Jesus is the forgiveness, life, meaning, and mission for their lives. These are available in print only from Crupress. An overseas version would be welcome, but probably need to be tweaked significantly for communal cultures.