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Seven Easter Meditations

by Andrew Knight

Team Lead Student Worker Team, Crowded House Church

The Greatest Day In Christianity Was The Humiliation Of Its God.

How ironic. Can the hero of Christianity die and it be deemed a great day? Yet every Easter, Christians celebrate the death of Christ and call it Good Friday. Then on Easter Sunday they worship His victory over death by celebrating His resurrected life. These two days mark the two themes of Christianity: Crucifixion on Good Friday (death) and Resurrection on Easter Sunday (life).

Easter is a celebration of both Friday’s death and Sunday’s life. It takes both Jesus’ death and life to free us from sins penalty and power. And all those who trust in Jesus are yoked with Him in this death and life.

This is a week long study that will walk you through the head and heart of Jesus and will prepare you to celebrate our Savior through His last seven sayings.