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14 evangelism ideas for your campus

July 17, 2016

Ever wonder how to reach out to an entire campus? Don’t go at it alone.

These ideas are compiled from a group of campus ministry leaders who meet twice a month to discuss how to bring the Body of Christ together to reach a whole campus. All the ministries on campus (and off) can be involved.

Modify these ideas as needed. Let these serve as a way to share the gospel, engage others in spiritual conversation, build interest in ministries on campus, serve and bless the college, and bring the Body of Christ together as a family.

  1. All Campus Worship- Once, maybe twice a year, centrally located on campus, and led by local musicians and churches. Ideally it’s the same time every year so ministries can save the date.
  2. All Campus Prayer- Once or twice a year, preferably led by students and centrally located on campus. Ideally it’s the same time every year too so ministries can save the date.
  3. 24/7 Prayer for One Week- All students and ministries participate.
  4. 24 Hour Prayer and Worship- Another variety of prayer and worship but for one full day.
  5. Veritas Forum– Lecture Series that travels around the country to discuss the veracity of the Christian faith in academia. You can bring them in.
  6. Christian Arts Festival- Music, poetry, lectures, and visual arts on Christian spirituality.
  7. Sponsor a Social Justice Event/Cause- Get the whole campus behind an issue such as human trafficking, clean water, or aiding those displaced by war. Usually a long-term project, offering opportunities to partner with other organizations and to develop some great relationships. It can be local or international.
  8. Every Student’s Campaign– Media, articles, and speakers on provocative topics.
  9. Missions Week- Bring in the Traveling Team (or others) to speak to all Christian students; bring in different missions agencies; feature a missionary; highlight summer mission options or GoCorps etc.
  10. Collegiate Day of Prayer– Every February – Join other ministries around the country.
  11. “I agree with” T-shirt & Lawn sign Campaign– Goofy fun that stirs up the campus because everyone is wearing shirts that say “I agree with Susan” but no one knows who Susan is (or whatever name you choose) and why people agree with her. End of the week, Susan (a student) comes out and wears her “I am Susan” shirt and finds incredible opportunities to share what she thinks about life, God, and true spirituality.
  12. Distinguished Leadership Forum- Bring in different nationally-recognized leaders (who also happen to be Christian) in areas of politics, sports, the arts, philosophy, technology etc. Do one per full month during the school year (six speakers).
  13. Song of Solomon- By Tommy Nelson (tasteful) or Mark Driscoll (quite raw but excellent) on dating, marriage, and sex, according to God’s design. Podcast, audio, and videos are available.
  14. Campus Movie Night- If your campus does not already have one, sponsor and organize it either for the university or on your own. Optional discussions afterward, with free coffee, is a plus.

Do you have other ideas? We want to know what they are so please leave in the comments section!