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3 Questions for Effective Low-Prep Evangelistic Bible Studies

December 1, 2021

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” Rom 10:17

Discovery bible studies are one of the most effective ways for those starting their faith journey to warm up to the gospel over time.

As they hear the Word regularly, like an egg in an incubator, it’s often only a matter of time until they hatch spiritually and are born again!

You probably believe this, but if you are like me, you a lot of other stuff going on and don’t have hours to prepare a Bible study.

But, I’ve discovered three questions that can be used with any passage of scripture, and can be used for evangelistic groups, personal Bible study or even in-depth discussions.

What? So What? Now What?

What? What stands out to you from this passage? What observations or questions do you have?
The difference between the average detective and Sherlock Holmes is his ability to observe what everyone else misses. Observation draws out the richness of the passage.

So What? How does the teaching of this passage relate to our lives?
This is the bridge between interesting ideas and transformational truth. Search for the timeless truths and transferable principles that connect with our everyday lives.

Now What? What might God be asking you to do in light of this passage?
Ending with application helps people develop the habit of being a doer of the Word, not just a hearer.

This framework can also be used as a skeleton to write your own questions that relate to specifically to your passage.

My hope is that that these questions will not only save you time, but by the power of the Spirit of God, the Word of God and the Son of God many people will be saved and grow in your Bible studies!