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Sowing purpose among an Unsatisfied world

Unsatisfied is a new book that speaks to the spiritual hunger that God has placed in everyone’s heart, and focuses specifically on helping college students find the life they can’t stop looking for.

We got the chance to talk to author Sean Vollendorf about influencing people he’s never met, unexpected encouragement, and the power of a good drop-off tool.

CMT: Why did you write the book?

Sean: A while back I was on a flight to Phoenix. By “chance” I ran into a student I had been sharing Christ with for a couple of years. I had given him several faith-based books and he wasn’t reading any of them.

Finally I realized, “I need to write a book to this very guy.” I’m going to write something that will keep him interested and help him understand the good news.

I also wanted to be able to reach irreligious young people who are considering following Christ but didn’t have access to them to say it.

With a book, I can keep speaking to people long after I’m not in the room anymore. Tons of people I’ve never met are reading the book and being impacted.

CMT: How has it been used so far?

Sean: It’s been so humbling! Thousands of young people are ripping through it (often in less than two days!).

And something I didn’t expect has happened. College students are giving it to both their parents and their younger siblings. Both those sets of people are reading it cover to cover.

It’s a quick and easy read with lots of interesting stories, emotional connection, and a clear, relatable gospel.

CMT: What are some stories that you’ve heard from readers?

Sean: I get texts almost daily from college students who are reading it. Several have told me it’s the first book they ever actually finished. One student told me that two of her friends, neither of them religious, read the entire book in three days and have since considered following Christ. This is happening almost daily. It’s been so encouraging.

CMT: How do you envision using this in your campus ministry strategy?

Sean: Hundreds of student leaders are already using the book with unbelievers in their spheres of influence. Some are leading small groups based on the book, but more often than not they are just giving it to their friends.

Their friends don’t want to read it one chapter a week and discuss it. It’s not that kind of book. It’s the kind that you keep flying through once you start reading.

CMT: Would it be a good book for summer project evangelism?

Sean: We’re going to experiment with handing it out on the beach this summer as our students engage people with the good news.

People on the beach are doing nothing but sitting there. I believe thousands will read it and move closer to Christ.

CMT: What are some unexpected ways it’s being used?

Sean: College students have sent me pictures of the book on the nightstand in their parents’ room. They’ve told me their parents are not religious and don’t ever read anything spiritual, but they’re reading this book!

Youth groups across the country are getting a hold of the book as well and giving it to high school students. A guy just texted me today and told me he was going to buy it for high school seniors who are headed off to college.

It’s a great book to give both believers and unbelievers. It will help them understand why the things they do don’t bring them satisfaction.

Lots of these young people keep texting me and telling me, “I feel like this book is talking directly to me.”

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