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Webinar: Campus Directors and Female Staff—Understanding Each Other

February 26, 2017

Since most campus directors are from Mars and women are from Venus, it’s difficult to understand each other from light years away. I facilitate this two-way discussion about communication differences and serve up ways to help close the gap between these two planets, so to speak.

Best Quotes

  • “Don’t expect [your campus director] to paint your fingernails and eat Oreos with you on the weekend as they counsel you through life.”
  • “I receive correction much better if my leader is not arrogant, serves me, and also is setting the pace with being successful in ministry.”
  • “I’ve trained up [Kevin] with my tears… #whenyourhusbandisyourboss”
  • “Expectation early in the accepting of staff can be key. I have let my current supervisor [know] not to sugarcoat, because I know [saying] that will open the communication and not make him try to tiptoe around me.”

Questions Answered

  • What is the balance between pushing/encouraging female staff and comforting/coming alongside them with understanding?
  • How should a female staffer work with a male supervisor when she seems insecure about his leadership?
  • What are some practical steps or advice for a team which both the campus director and staff girl are single?
  • How can you support a new male director who you have more experience than, without overstepping his authority?

Resources Shared