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Help Us Finish the New Fuel and The Flame

This summer we did something unusual. We released a book to the world as an advanced reader version. We did this with the idea that we could get feedback from you and make it better before we publish the final version this fall and start translating it into multiple languages. At the same time we launched Global Project2020 which was an 8 week in depth virtual training for 1,800 students around the world using the book as it’s primary content. Hundreds of others used it for their own summer projects. We are receiving thrilling reports of how the book is inspiring students to be bold in sharing Christ and helping them gain a vision for leveraging their lives to make disciples. We pray that God will continue to bless this book with a “divine wind” behind it. 

If you have read the book it would be such a help if you would leave a 5 star review to help more people discover the book! We don’t only want your raving reviews though. We want to know how you think we could make the book better. It would help us out tremendously if you could fill out this short survey about the book. If you haven’t read the book yet and want to give us some feedback you can still snag a copy and fill out this survey by September 1st.

We appreciate you taking to time to give us for your valuable feedback via this survey.


In Christ for The Harvest,
Steve Shadrach & Paul Worcester