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The Fuel and the Flame

by Steve Shadrach

Global Ambassador, Center for Mission Mobilization, Fayetteville, AR

THE Handbook for Campus Ministry

What if you could take the best practices of the leading campus ministries and put them in print? What if it also included some history of college ministry, personal spiritual formation and leadership? It would be a great book. That is exactly what you get with Fuel and the Flame. When my wife was pregnant the Handbook was “What to Expect When You are Expecting.” She read the whole thing and it told her all the things she needed to know. Later, she would refer back to it frequently. That is what a good handbook does. It’s a good read, but you also want dive into section and easily when needed. The Fuel and Flame delivers, and has been used by thousands of campus ministry leaders, even translated into several languages. The author, Dr. Steve Shadrach is not a theorist, but a practitioner. For over 30 years he has shared his faith, reproduced disciples, and mobilized students to engage the nations. To this day he still is leading college students to Christ, making disciples, and speaking at staff and student conferences.

This book is full of strategy, wisdom, practical how-tos and tips to make your ministry on campus solidly biblical, transforming for students, culture shifting on campus, and world-changing on this planet. This should be a read for every campus ministry leader.

What you get

Fuel- Personal Development

  • Eleven Studs in College Ministry
  • Four Essential Character Qualities
  • Seven Conviction You Must Possess
  • Five Big Question that Determine…Everything
  • Six Strategies Your Ministry Should Possess

Flame- Ministry Development

  • Evangelism of Lost
  • Establishing of New Believers
  • Equipping Disciples
  • Mobilizing your Students for the Nations

What we like

  • This book is the product of extensive research of best practices in campus ministry and proven through years of practicing these principles in the field.
  • It can help staff or volunteers just starting out in campus ministry as well as teach an old dog (anyone over 30) some new tricks. It is also great for students.
  • It is a tool that is greatly needed. It has a big vision. It brings back the central task of collegiate ministry into focus: the reproducing of mature disciples to fulfill the Great Commission. It can be done and students are hungry to give there lives for a cause big enough, bold enough, and worthy enough as seeing God exalted among every people group on the planet. If you vision stops with your students or your campus, it is too small.


  • Originally printed in 2003, this book was PFB (pre-Facebook), PYT (pre-Youtube), and PATOOTW (per-Apple take over of the world), so it could definitely use some updates on how this has changed the game, how it hasn’t, how to use things such as social media, the internet, or our visual based culture for the glory of God.
  • As with any “How to” book or tool that has  step-by-step instructions, there is a danger of putting our trust in the strategy or the method and not the Lord. The book is systematic and formulaic (which is mostly good), but that might not appeal to all. However, all should benefit from the content. It is challenging, faith stretching even for veteran leaders, and presents tried and true methods.

How to use it

  • With students on campus- Train your leaders using this book.
  • With freshman- a great graduation gift in that it helps students to thrive in college not just survive. Use it as their first-year-training manual.
  • As a staff training manual- Use it for training vocational collegiate leader and volunteers. This is campus ministry 101.
  • As a development book for your staff team. How many books are out there on how to develop professionally as a campus minister? Ah, none. You want to grow in your profession? Read this.