Leader resources

We’re with you every step of the way. When it comes to leading your project or D-Group, this is home base. You’ll find everything you need as you prepare to launch your group into CMT’s Global Project. As you progress through the project, know that these resources will be available to you for reference.

Download D-Group Leader Handbook
Download D-Group Resources

Leader orientation

D-Group Leaders Orientation

In the orientation, we reviewed the format of the Global Project (Global Gathering, D-Group meetings, and Outreach). We highlighted resources for D-Group leaders on Inductive Bible Study, how to lead small groups, and how to facilitate a group Zoom call. Click the image to watch the video!

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Media kit

We want to help you own Global Project and promote it well to the members of your D-Group. Use the following assets on social media, your own websites, etc. You can preview the Media Kit before downloading.

  • Logos

    For use in your promo materials.

  • Social Media

    Posts and images for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

  • Website Banners

    Place these at the top of your promo pages on your own website.

Role descriptions

Project Leaders

  • Prepare: Pray diligently for God to bless your efforts. Determine if and when you will have your own large group night with custom training, talks, and discussion groups to bring more of your ministry’s DNA into this Global Project
  • Recruit: Promote and invite. Focus on recruiting leaders and influencers, and encouraging D-Group leaders to recruit their own group. Once you have your leaders recruited, you can focus on recruiting participants. Your student leaders can be doing the same.
  • Lead: Build momentum and community amongst your project participants. Bring all of your participants together for periodic or weekly meetings. Meet with your D-Group leaders weekly to equip them to lead their participants. We also suggest you review their Bible study questions to help them know how to lead a small group well.

D-Group Leaders

  • Prepare: Pray that God would bring the right people into your group that you would help them grow closer to Christ this summer. Understand your staff’s expectations of you, and be well prepared each week to lead your D-Group discussions.
  • Recruit: Recruit to your Global Project and especially to your D-Group if your Project host has asked that of you. People will only say yes to this project if they are asked by someone.
  • Lead: Be a great facilitator of your D-Group meetings, not monopolizing the conversation. Your role is to help your participants discover what God is teaching them, not to preach to them. Schedule time to meet with each of your D-Group participants individually every week or every other week. Work with your project leader to determine goals for this time. Considering practicing the 5R Coaching Model — Relate, Reflect, Refocus, Resource, Review.