Maximize your summer.

We’ve packaged 30 years of campus ministry experience into a flexible training program to help you influence the lives of college students for a lifetime of ministry. Think of the Global Project as a platform to help you maximize students’ influence for Christ on your campus. This summer, challenge your students to embrace the disciplines of evangelism, disciple-making, and mission mobilization and see God work through their lives!

Maximize your summer with CMT’s virtual discipleship training program—Global Project. Last summer, we had 1,800 students from 60 ministries in 10 countries join. We’re amazed at what God did during the summer of COVID and we’re excited to see what he does this year. Let us know you are interested in Global Project 2021!

Global Project provides a turn-key solution to maximize the summer, cultivate more student disciples, and equip your student leaders. This project equips participants across the globe through quality teaching, small groups that utilize The Fuel & the Flame and Inductive Bible Study, spiritual mentoring through your discipleship group leaders, and evangelism training and outreaches. We invite both campus- and church-based ministries to take advantage of Global Project as a training program to further your own ministry efforts with your students this summer.


Project Updates

Flexible Format, Not Time-Bound

Whereas Global Project 2020 was scheduled for a specific eight-week period with live talks and discussion groups. However, from this year forward, Global Project will be more of a self-service platform for you to utilize on a time frame that best suits your group. After May 23rd, the pre-recorded sessions will be available on demand through our website.

Register the Same Way

Project leaders will still need to apply to set up a registration page for their group. Also, we’ve made Global Project completely free!

More Speakers

We’ll have freshly recorded videos of 10+ speakers sharing their insight and expertise on evangelism, disciple making, and mission mobilization.

More Leader Training

We’ll have a Project Leaders orientation like we did last year along with extra video trainings for discipleship group leaders.

Stay Connected

Fill out our short form to let us know you’re interested in using our curriculum for your project this summer!